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CHR. Hansen

Bactoferm® MOLD-600

Bactoferm® MOLD-600

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Application: Southern European style sausages covered with mold on the surface

Bactoferm® MOLD 600 is a fast-growing Penicillium nalgiovense culture that provides strong suppression of wild flora. The Penicillium provides dense, medium-plush, even coverage. The cover is traditional white and gives strong mushroom flavors.

Directions: A freeze-dried culture pouch is mixed in 1-2 liters of tap water at approximately 20°C (68°F) and equilibrated for 2 hours at room temperature. The suspension is diluted in the appropriate amount of tap water and is then ready for use. The culture is inoculated after casing (and possibly the acclimatization process), either by dipping, spraying or showering. The spore suspension should be continuously shaken to avoid sedimentation of the spores, and the suspension should only be used on the day of preparation (risk of yeast contamination).

Dosage: 25g per 10L of solution


Freezer -17°C (0°F)

Shelf Life

18 months when stored as recommended
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